Thank you for considering Church of the Cross Bible College, and taking the time to look at our programs of study. Students have been coming to Church of the Cross for over 10 years because they want to be transformed by the study of God’s Word, to have their character shaped by Christ, and to prepare for a life of service. We would love to have you join us for the next step in your education!

Today’s college programs at Church of the Cross are designed to prepare you to serve the Lord in your local church, your ministry, the community in which you will live, and through the professional career you choose. All our programs are designed to include intensive study of the Bible as the foundation, with the option to focus on a major in Bible and Theology only, or to also choose another major. Our other majors include Ministry Studies such as Counseling Psychology, Intercultural Studies, Youth Ministries, or Camp Ministries.

Church of the Cross is also unique because of the quality relationships that will develop between you and those of us who serve here. Our faculty and staff will build long-term relationships with you, and will mentor you during your time at Church of the Cross – challenging you to grow in the knowledge of God and His Word, and to deepen your relationships with Christ. During your time here, we will have meals together on campus, you will visit in our homes, and we will serve together in local churches.


The choices at Church of the Cross Bible College are designed to thoroughly prepare you for your calling in life—to fulfill your passion to serve the Lord, lead your family, serve and lead in the church, and excel in your chosen profession.

The best way to experience Church of the Cross is to visit us in person. I would love to have you visit our campus, attend a class, talk to our faculty and current students, and even spend the night here. I think you’ll discover that Church of the Cross is a place where your life can be changed, your character shaped, and your purpose found.

Director's Word

Please stop by my office when you are on campus, I would love to say hello and personally welcome you!

Testimonial Gnana Manohar Bonigala
Gnana Manohar Bonigala
The Director, Church of the Cross Theological Correspondence College, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.