Bachelor of Theology is a Basic Bible orientation course, students complete a combination of core and elective subjects, covering Biblical Studies (including Biblical languages), Church History, Practical Theology and Systematic Theology. Students looking to ordination or professional ministry will find offerings that are vocationally oriented, ecumenically sensitive and integrated with practical experience. However, the degree also provides students with a wide range of skills that are applicable in a variety of professions or complement studies in another discipline. The program aims to:

  • Provide broad-based knowledge and critical skills in the four classic sub-disciplines of theology as a contribution to liberal education.

  • Provide students with a rich learning experience that is attentive to student needs from transition to tertiary study to successful progression towards graduation and beyond.

  • Provide students with a well-designed curriculum structured to embody a classic theological framework and to reflect the inherent dynamic of context.

  • Provide students with a theological and ethical framework for critical and constructive engagement in the social institutions within which they participate.

  • Encourage and foster the search for meaning and spiritual depth in the context of cultural and religious pluralism in contemporary India.

  • Prepare people for leadership in the life and work of the church.

  • Offer opportunities for the study of theology as an integral part of studies in other disciplines at undergraduate level.

  • Provide access to tertiary level study in theology by flexible delivery both across Australia and internationally.

  • Provide pathways for further studies in theology at both postgraduate and higher degree by research levels.

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Biblical Education Bachelor of Theology benefit from:[B.Th]

  • Supported transition and an enriched undergraduate student experience.

  • Development of employ ability and generic skills, such as communication, analysis and critical judgment, as well as building problem-solving and time management skills.

  • Opportunities to gain international experiences and perspectives.

  • Engaging with the social responsibilities of global citizenship.

  • Opportunities to develop cultural competence and engage with Indigenous concepts.

  • Developing and understanding of financial, social and economic sustainability.

  • Developing an ethical understanding.

  • Education based in practice, either through subjects with a practical focus, or where materials are related back to professional contexts.

  • Fostering web-based proficiency through a broad range of online resources, whether students are studying on campus or by distance education..

The Bachelor of Theology features a flexible enrollment pattern, catering for the needs of distance education students, as well as a broad range of subject choices. The degree also offers flexible exit points. All students enroll in the Biblical Education Bachelor of Theology.

Master of Divinity distance learning Application

B Th, B D Application Download

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