Handicapped Shaik Ataauliah

Handicapped Shaik Ataauliah s/o of shaik.zakaullah born in the year 06-06-1998 and pursing his life quite good going to school,  playing with friends. He was studying in Siddhartha high school chintal quthbullapur mandal R.R district and he studied comfortably up to 1st class.He was a quite clever student and topper of the class.

Handicapped Shaik Ataauliah

Unfortunately when he was studying  second class an accident happened to him which changed his life totally on august 08 2004. It was Sunday, he was playing with kite on the roof of building suddenly his kite struck in the H.T wires which are near the roof of building with the thought to remove the kite from the wires he took one iron rod on the building. He stood on G.I. water pipes along the wall of roof without wearing footwear.  He just tried to pull off kite from the wires with the rod but he don’t know that its danger at the time he was only 7 years old so the rod got to one of the wires and caught him with the current, at that time his parents were not present at home as they went to market so the people who were roaming on road saw him, they ran up and took a piece of wood and hit him with which the caught current had left him. His mother came and saw him and she cried a lot. Then the people took him in auto along with his mother to Gandhi hospital where his treatment was done for 2 months. The total expenditure incurred was about 3.5lacks which was carried out by their parents.  After a couple of weeks the doctor said that “we need to remove out his legs to save his life or else he may be in danger and the right hand was completely burnt there it self nothing was to do with hand only the bone in the hand was left and the legs were also removed to save the life”  as a result he lost his two legs and one hand completely.

But even though with out caring about the things he started to begin his life again he practiced to write with left hand only in 10 days.  Now he can write very neatly, from that time his father took him to school by carrying him on the shoulders. In the S S C board examination 2013 march he scored about 90% which was a great achievement for him and his parents.

At present he pursing intermediate in Loyola academy 1st year. His main ambition is to become I A S (Indian Administrative Service) he belongs to a middle class family. He is in require of limbs and a battery operated wheel chair for his mobility and he also requires some financial assistance for his further studies.  This website contains all photos and can contact Shaik Ataauliah and you can meet him.


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