Holy Bible College for B T C P, B. Th., and Discipleship training at ashram is place to prepare for Spiritual Multiplication process. In the New Testament one of the Guru (mentor), who initiated this spiritual multiplication is Paul. And One of the competent Shisheya (protégé) groomed by Paul is Timothy. Sometimes Paul was mentoring Timothy through epistles. Similarly, this Online Discipleship Training is available for you.


The Purpose of Discipleship Training: Holy Bible College

The purpose of discipleship is that people grow in intimacy with God and catch the vision of multiplying disciples. With each person indwelt by Christ, God uses them to reach the next generation. In impacting this next generation God’s glory is extended to the end of the Earth and to the end of time. So, the process of spiritual multiplication is something big, larger than you, and yet, it allows you to leverage your impact in this world.

The Purpose of Discipleship Training: Holy Bible College

  • People of all Faith, who are interested in becoming a disciple of Sat Guru Jesus Christ

  • Christians who are interested in getting involved in the Spiritual Multiplication.

The Syllabus of Holy Bible College

  • The Bible: believe It or Not?

  • Is God Relevant to My Life?

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Did Jesus Have a Purpose in Coming?

  • Can God Accept Me?

  • How can I be forgiven?

  • Gaining Eternal Assurance

  • Discovering the Holy Spirit

  • Knowing Your Enemy

  • Dealing with Temptation

  • Your Calling As An Insider

  • Telling Others About Christ

  • Digging into the Bible

  • Communicating with God

  • Thriving in the Church

  • Becoming a Person of Character

  • Pursuing Intimacy with God

  • Knowing God’s Will

  • Bringing It Home

  • Taking It to Work

  • Handling Money Wisely

  • Moving Towards Maturity

  • Multiplying Your Life

  • Seeing the World God’s Way

God has specifically chosen us to be the means of being His light and extending His love to His world.

God has an intense desire for people to be related to Him (1 Timothy 2:4). God did not choose angels or His creation to articulate the Good News of Jesus Christ. And God did not choose a few gifted individuals to be His Messengers. He choose every believer to be a witness of His glory in their words, in their conduct, in their attitudes – in summation their very lives (Matthew 5:16).
Just as babies need to grow and be taught how to communicate, so it is with New Believers. This growth and teaching of new believers is the heart of discipleship. Discipleship is God’s meaning and maturing a new Christian to accomplish the following: Holy study.

  • For each individual to grow in an intimate relationship with his Lord,

  • To be a life witness of Christ to a searching world,

  • To offer love and care to the hurting and desperate and

  • To be interdependent in meeting each others needs.

Depends upon the pace of your learning; but could be finished in 30 weeks.

On successful completion, Online Protégé (Shisheya) is eligible to receive a Certificate from the Online Mentor (Acharya). This Online Training is open to people of all faith.

Those who are interested in joining the Online Discipleship Training, please contact;