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Holy Land including Mount Sinai and Egypt from first Week May 2019!!! Accompanied by Rev Lam J Varakumar and Rev Gnana Manohar Bonigala (who will be the tour guide giving us biblical insights). That will be an amazing 9 nights & 10 days trip Holy Land visited all the important landmarks and the rarest of places with special permissions from the Israeli Govt.

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Renew of Marriage vows at Cana Church, where Jesus make water into vine.

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Next Tour Starts from May 1st week and October 1st week 2019 !!! Limited seats !!! For further detailed Itinerary, Booking Contact:-+91-9885696889.

Pastor’s Voice – June 12th 2015

There is what is known as the “Fifth Gospel”. No, I am not talking about a “lost book” of the Bible or an already known apocryphal book deemed non-canonical by the early church. What I am talking about is a visit to the Holy Land experience.

It has been said that those who embark on that journey never come back quite the same. I can personally testify to that. After my first trip to Israel, I never looked at the Bible quite the same way again. “Flesh” was put on the skeletal framework of the many stories told in the Scriptures. For instance, when Jesus walked into “The House” in Capernaum (Mark 2:1), I now have a visual of what that house looked like because I was there. When the children of Israel marched around the city of Jericho for seven days and the walls came tumbling down (Joshua 6), I have a image because I was standing there were it all happened. When Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43), I have a picture of what it looked like because I was in that very tomb.

Why else would anyone want to go to the Holy Land experience? Since my father had passed away, I had a great desire to visit places where my father once lived, grew up, went to school, attended military boot camp, met my mother, etc. Visiting those sites somehow gave me a better understanding, appreciation, and connection to his life. So, it is also true with my heavenly father. To walk where He walked, see what He saw, and go to the very places He went, there really is a special connection that only those that have experienced it could relate.

Many of you have asked me for the last several years to put together again another Holy Land experience. Your request is now granted. On May 1st week of 2019 and October 1st week of 2019, join me on a ten day tour of the nation of Israel. Come see for yourself the “Fifth Gospel” and see if this experience will change your life as it has for so many.

Saving plan to go Holy Land

We are interdicting a plan for Holy Land tour in next year. Put a box in your home or deposit in Church of the Cross, Bank account regarding plan to save Rupees 300/- per day or Rs. 9000/- per month, Trust your Holy Land tour will be planned after 10months. 11th month VISA, 12the month Visiting of Holy Land.

10 days Educational Seminar at Jesus Foot Steps. Hyderabad to Holy Land experience: photos.

You now have an opportunity to walk where Jesus walked. I challenge you to take advantage of this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. You will be glad that you did. Please contact me for details of the Holy Land experience.

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– Pastor Gnana Manohar.
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